• Student Records System (SRS) Programme

    Oxford Brookes University acquired a new Student Records System from Ellucian Global Ltd. The package is composed primarily of Banner, as well as other systems that will form our new SRS. The SRS Programme aims to improve student and staff experience by having more connected academic, support staff and student communities as well as more effective ways of working. Ellucian’s solution will help the University improve data quality and management, an increasing requirement in the higher education sector.?

    Key Facts about the new SRS

    What is Banner?

    Banner is the largest part of our new Student Records System. The system is provided by Ellucian Global Ltd. The SRS Programme is implementing Banner along with colleagues from all the areas that will move to the new SRS.

    Will I use the new SRS?

    The new SRS will cover the following areas: Applications, Curriculum, Enrolment , Student Finance, Case Management, Exams, Assessment, Progression, Graduation and Post-graduate Research. New areas might be included in this list in the future.

    About Ellucian

    Ellucian Global Ltd. is a US-based company that has provided solutions to close to 2,400 institutions worldwide. Close to 20 institutions in the UK, including the University of Liverpool, Imperial College London and Nottingham Trent University are using Banner. You can find more information about Ellucian in our About the SRS page.